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Nia Technique®


About Nia Technique®


Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia tones your body while transforming your mind. The practice draws on the chemistry of nine movement forms:

  • Martial Arts- Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Aikido

  • Dance Arts- Jazz, Modern Dance and Duncan Dance

  • Healing Arts- Yoga, the Alexander Technique and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais®

The unique blend of these nine movement forms along with Nia's 52 moves (27 base moves, 7 core moves and 18 upper extremities moves), give the body an opportunity to experience movement variation that brings health and vitality to every body part, muscle group and joint.

Nia Technique® Headquarters in Portland, Oregon

Nia Technique® Headquarters in Portland, Oregon


Where can I find Nia?

You will find that Nia is taught in nearly every state of the United States, as well as in 45 other countries around the world. You will find Nia in:

  • healing and wellness centers

  • fitness centers

  • YMCAs

  • dance and theatre programs

  • retreat programs

  • luxury spas and resorts

  • corporate conferences

  • personal growth and transformation seminars

  • corporate wellness programs

  • pre-med departments

  • hospitals

  • prisons

  • drug/alcohol and cardiac rehabilitation centers– to name a few!

How does Nia differ from other "mind-body" programs?

Everything in Nia is perceived, experienced and processed through the body. Nia uses the body to develop Sensory IQ wisdom. The mind is used to imagine, witness, focus and direct attention. The emotions are used to personally engage the individual with activity, thereby creating the coupling effect needed to trigger the mind-body connection. And Spirit is used to honor the uniqueness of each individual. 

Everything you are asked to do in a Nia class is based on The Body’s Way, which means using the body’s natural design to improve function. The biochemistry, joint and muscle action are triggered using imagination, music, emotion and vocal sound. Nia classes address the body’s five main sensations: flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability, and focus on conditioning the body and the nervous system. All Nia® classes are facilitated using three levels of intensity.


What are some of the benefits of taking Nia?

  • Increase the pleasure of living in your body

  • Facilitate weight loss and proper weight maintenance

  • Strengthen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase muscle definition

  • Calm the mind and relieve stress

  • Balance the autonomic nervous system

  • Improve organ function, particularly that of the heart and lungs

  • Enhance sensory awareness

  • Alleviate emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, and stress

  • Improve circulation of blood and improve lymphatic drainage

  • Improve concentration and cognitive function

Who takes Nia?

Men and women of all ages, with varied interests and from all walks of life practice Nia. To name a few, seasoned athletes, elders, people rehabilitating, people in leadership, life and business coaches, artists, entrepreneurs, movement educators, conventional and holistic medical practitioners and people who are passionate about change and desire a conscious, fun and pleasurable way of getting healthy. Learn more >