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"We have a fabulous Nia teacher here in Tallahassee, Valerie Sanchez. I am totally enjoying her Wednesday evening class at Abundance Wellness Center. It is helping me move energy thru my body and energy system with joy! Energy! Delight! No matter what I go in with (anger, despair, compassion fatigue, activist fatigue) I come out transformed and sleep like a happy baby. My go to for staying energized and engaged for long run."
-Mary Beth McBride
Founder of Open Fields Healing
"I loved tonight's Nia Move IT class! It's amazing how we tend to forget about certain joints and muscles in our body; I feel like I truly worked out every body part tonight. From my finger tips to dancing on the tip of my toes, I worked out parts of my body I've probably been neglecting for a while. Thank you Valerie for an awesome movement experience." 
-Kira Petit
Owner of Sweet Journey Desserts 
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Olga Feheley Nia Testimonial Tallahassee.png
"As a woman, Nia has helped me embrace my feminine, which can be a challenge in such a masculine influenced world. As a Yogi, Nia has helped me dig deeper into my practice on so many levels, body, mind, spirit, always discovering new layers to peel off. It's been an unexpected gift, with each dance, a surprise and discovery of myself. What a great adventure. Thanks Nia, and thank you Valerie for bringing me back home to myself."
-Olga Feheley
Yoga Teacher
"We are totally in love with Nia and with Valerie. It is the perfect exercise/ instructor combination to help relieve all the stress of our day and reconnect with our own feminine power in a joyous way- while sweating our behinds off. For someone who hates 'exercising' but loves dancing like us, we might have found a new home"
-Yanet & Candelaria Manzano
Mother and daughter & Owners of The Heart of Possibility 
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Marghi McClearn Testimonial Tallahassee .png
"You will love coming to Valerie's Nia Classes! Not only has Valerie emersed herself in the practice, her extensive travel and trainings have given her depth in her teaching. Stepping into a Nia class is much more than 'exercise' it is a multi-sensory experience, a delicious treat for your Mind, Body and Spirit. No 'Drill' here, just joy in the moment!"
-Marghi McClearn
Nia Technique® Instructor and Ageless Grace® Trainer