Groove and Wellness

Groove and Wellness


About Groove and Wellness

We offer Holistic Fitness (Nia Technique® classes) and Coaching in Tallahassee, Florida. We motivate and activate individuals by helping them get fit, helping them create body & mind transformation, and guiding them into a greater quality of life using Nia Technique® teachings and methodologies.

We are passionate about empowering community, creating change, and being a part of other people’s wellness journey. We know once you experience Nia and you work with us, you will never dread your fitness or wellness journey again. 

We offer public classes and private sessions. We work with individuals and corporate groups.


About the Founder

Welcome! My name is Valerie, I am a Certified Nia Technique Instructor and Corporate Wellness Coach. I discovered Nia Technique® while living in Honolulu, Hawai'i in 2011, and everything about my life has been exponentially better ever since. Nia is my go to for creating wellness from the inside out and it must be experienced to be appreciated. I am happy you are interested in moving, grooving and living well because your interest will become inspiration; and your inspiration will become the golden ticket to your transformation. I believe in leading by example. I live an authentic, mindful and purposeFULL life and everything I give to my clients is what I want and desire for myself too. Every class, every session, and every experience I offer is genuine, honest and raw.

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I refer to my work as purposeful fitness because I have the tools I need to:

  • help you consciously direct your movement practice towards your fitness goals  
  • help you strengthen your nervous system for more relaxation, presence and overall well-being
  • help you reclaim your authenticity so you are empowered to become your BEST coach 

If you are a “mover and shaker” in your 20s-70s and you already identify or aspire to identify yourself with any of the descriptions below, I want to work with you:

  • women in leadership
  • coaches
  • entrepreneurs
  • movement educators
  • holistic health practitioners
  • artists
  • community builders

If you:

  • are personally invested in your growth
  • want to live consciously, integrated and whole
  • and are goal-driven and action-oriented

I want to work with you too.


Certifications and Trainings

Nia Technique®

  • Certified Nia Green Belt Instructor
  • Nia Moving to Heal- Specialty Program 
  • Nia Move IT Coach- Specialty Program


  • Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, CCWC 
  • Certification of Completion, In this Together- Communication Wisdom for the World of Work
  • AFAA Certified Group Ex Instructor
  • Certified First Aid, CPR & AED