Groove and Wellness

Groove and Wellness


We are a portal for Mind-Body Fitness classes, Body-Movement education and personal transformation. 

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We Motivate

Our classes consistently motivate individuals to be in the "driver seat" of their workout routine. Every class offers clients, an opportunity to make body-centered choices that are safe, empowering, and a step closer to their overall fitness goals. 

We Educate

We work closely with private clients who want to learn more about Nia® tools and other creative techniques, to enhance life and overall wellness. We guide you so you become personally invested in your growth all while creating and maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. 

We Inspire Change

We believe transformation is the result of all the small and big changes we make to our inner and outer world. We help you become more receptive to your physical and mental needs, so you create a deeper and more integrated relationship with yourself and the environment around you. 

We make people feel good

Join us for a public class or inquire about a private session or private event. We work with individuals and corporate groups.




About Your Teacher

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Hola, I’m Valerie! I am the Founder of Groove and Wellness, a Nia Technique® Teacher, a Body-Movement Educator and Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. My classes are unique because I use a multidimensional approach towards exercise and healing. 

For starters, I help people reshape the way they think and feel about “fitness,” so they redefine “fit” and it feels personal. I am certified in multiple Nia Technique® Specialty Programs and have tools to tailor movement experiences for all audiences. My classes are very adaptable and participants are encouraged to make body-centered choices based on their personal needs. 

People who are in leadership, entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, artists and community builders appreciate and love my classes because I teach them how to workout from the inside out. I encourage them to take care of themselves first- so they can better serve others. My approach is authentic, intentional and positive; it’s fitness for body-mind-spirit. I craft every experience using a class Focus and a class Intent, this makes the class integrated, conscious and whole. 

In my classes I will challenge you and I will also guide you so you learn how to maximize your movement and neural potential with Nia®. I believe in leading by example, so I coach based on what motivates, educates, and inspires me as an Entrepreneur, Holistic Fitness instructor and Wellness Coach.


Communities and places I've practiced Nia®

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United States
Honolulu, Hawai’i- Trained
Miami, Florida
St. Pete, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Baltimore, Maryland- Trained
Boston, Massachusetts
New York, New York- Trained
Portland, Maine
Chicago, Illinois
Denver, Colorado- Trained
Portland, Oregon (Nia Headquarters)- Trained

Southeast Asia
Bali, Indonesia
Phuket, Thailand

Melbourne, Australia
Gold Coast, Australia- Trained
Brisbane, Australia

Marbella, Spain

Central America
Ometepe, Nicaragua


Certifications and Trainings


Nia Technique®

  • Certified Nia Technique® Blue Belt Teacher
  • Nia 52 Moves 
  • Nia Moving to Heal Teacher- Specialty Program 
  • Nia Move IT Coach- Specialty Program


  • Certified Wellness Coach, CWC- Individuals
  • Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, CCWC- Corporate Groups
  • Certification of Course Completion- ITT Communication Wisdom for the World of Work
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America, AFAA- Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified First Aid, CPR & AED

Other Professional Experience

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Valerie graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Multinational Business Operations and Marketing. Her careers include: Advertising, Sales & Marketing, Media, Travel, Creative Publishing, Holistic Health and Entrepreneurship....