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Corporate Nia Sessions


Corporate Nia Sessions


Joe Cheatham Testimonial Tallahassee.png
"Overall Nia is a different way of staying fit other than yoga. I like the movements to Nia music. I get a great workout each session and I like having it as part of our Corporate Wellness Program. Valerie is such an inspiration. She truly does this work because she has a passion for Nia and loves to see others energized and successful in all areas of their lives too. After every session I am motivated and revitalized for the rest of my day."

-Joe Cheatham, City of Tallahassee- Wastewater Operations Manager

Corporate Nia Sessions are the perfect investment for organizations who value their members, want to create a wellness culture, want to promote healthy living and want to motivate their employees in a creative way.


Outcomes for employees:

  • decrease and help manage stress levels
  • physically and mentally decompress from work
  • improve morale and camaraderie amongst co-workers & teammates in an alternative and mindful environment
  • reduce absenteeism
  • increase productivity and energy levels 
  • increase mental capacity by exercising their cognitive processes- to name a few!
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"At first, I felt silly and shy in Nia classes but I quickly settled into the practice; Nia provides a conduit to connect to my inner voice. Valerie provides a brief lecture at the beginning of each class, which I find incredibly beneficial. During our session she educates me on what my body does for me throughout the day and my overall everyday wellness. Following each class, I feel stronger, more confident and a lot of appreciation for my body. Nia sessions have helped me feel empowered and with more mental clarity during my workday.”
-Laura Mooney City of Tallahassee- Regulatory Compliance Manager for Natural Gas Utility 

Outcomes for organizations:

  • decrease injuries while promoting safety
  • reduce employee absenteeism
  • reduce unnecessary expenses in replacing employees due to turnover (caused by medical or health issues)
  • decrease disability & worker’s compensation costs 
  • enhance recruitment potential
  • create a wellness culture that improves the overall morale of the organization- to name a few!

Session Packages

Sessions are generally one-hour and they are tailored for the group. We travel to your hosting location or we can work with you to host your sessions off-site for additional fees. Session Packages do not include travel costs.