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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
-Benjamin Franklin

 1. What will I need for a Nia class? 
A water bottle, towel, a mat (optional), comfortable clothes, your willingness and your happy feet! Nia was designed to be performed in bare feet. If you choose to dance with shoes, we suggest a thin, soft-soled shoe. 

2. How many times should I take a Nia class for overall best results?
For beginners, we recommend you take at least 2-3 classes in order to give your body & mind an opportunity to process and embrace something new like Nia. For seasoned students, we recommend you take Nia classes 1-3 times a week

3. Will I succeed in a Nia class?
Yes! All of our classes are facilitated using three levels of intensity and participants are encouraged to explore three planes of movement based on their individual needs. Our classes are suitable for all body types and ability levels. 

4. I rather not make any purchases online, can I still attend a class?
Yes, walk-ins are always welcomed. Simply show up 5 minutes before class to get checked in. Payment methods include: cash and major credit cards.

5. Can I invest in discounted class packages or memberships?
Yes, you can purchase 10 classes for $140+tax, valid one year. Alternatively, you can invest in a Still & Moving Center Membership plan and take unlimited Nia classes with me and other Nia teachers at no additional charge.

6. Can men attend Nia classes?
Yes! Both men and women are welcomed to Nia classes. 

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